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NightTalk Ellis Cannon - multi-talented, award-winning TV personality - gives commentary on the news of the day with interviews & insights from newsmakers.
PCNC News at 9 PM (New)
PCNC News at 9:30 PM (New)
Forensic Files Double Trouble (TV-14) Ritualistic similarities between two crimes that occurred hundreds of miles apart allow investigators to connect the events and identify the suspect.
Forensic Files The Cheater (TV-14) Singer Walter Scott was a one-hit wonder with The Cheater, but after performing it on the road for 14 years, he disappeared.

Chicago Med Too Close to the Sun (HD, New, TV-14) Maggie goes against protocol to support her new friend; one of the doctors goes into emergency surgery following a brutal assault.
Chicago Fire Seeing is Believing (HD, New, TV-14) Severide begins his task at the Office of Fire Investigation; Herrmann is determined to find the true reason behind an apartment fire.
Chicago P.D. No Regrets (HD, New, TV-14) Burgess receives a shocking diagnosis on her injury she sustained during her pursuit of a suspect; a homicide case becomes a missing persons case.

The Andy Griffith Show The Beauty Contest (TV-G) Andy faces a dilemma when he is chosen as the judge for the beauty pageant, whose contestants include Floyd's niece, the mayor's daughter and Ellie Walker.
The Andy Griffith Show Alcohol and Old Lace (TV-G) Andy and Barney get smashed and are shocked when the trail they have been following places them face-to-face with two spinster sisters.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Captures a Submarine (TV-G) Gomer wishes to participate in a training mission with Sergeant Carter and search for enemy ships, but soon Gomer stumbles upon an enemy submarine's periscope.
Green Acres You and Your Big Shrunken Head (TV-G) The Douglases, Eb and the potentially wealthy Arnold come back from Chicago and the pig shares his generous spirt with the people of Hooterville with gifts.
Hogan's Heroes Look at the Pretty Snowflakes (TV-G) Hogan and his heroes come up with a plan to stall a Panzer division, and all it takes is a simple avalanche of snow.
Hogan's Heroes Rockets or Romance (TV-G) The underground team needs assistance in blowing up a heavily guarded missile battery, and their plan involves a lovely woman who is assigned as Hogans partner.

NightTalk Ellis Cannon - multi-talented, award-winning TV personality - gives commentary on the news of the day with interviews & insights from newsmakers.
Stream Away Experience breathtaking views around the world. Get up-close to hidden treasures and mother nature’s beauty. Keep an eye out for everyday sights as well.
Daily Debrief Host Aaron Keller breaks down the biggest trials of the day and guides you through the surprise twists.
Halftime Adjustments Join Channel 11 sports anchors, special guests and armchair quarterbacks as they argue over the whiteboard on Halftime Adjustments.
Pittsburgh Now PM (Repeat) Chris Moore offers 30 minutes of candid and engaging insight into news and political stories affecting the Pittsburg viewing area.
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