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PCNC News at 2:30 AM (New)
PCNC News at 3 AM (New)
PCNC News at 3:30 PM (New)
PCNC News at 4 AM (New)
PCNC News at 4:30 AM (New)
Traffic Jamcast (New) The team breaks down the latest news on traffic in Pittsburgh, marking wrecks, providing up-to-the-minute reports, live coverage and exclusive interviews.

Just for Laughs Gags
Just for Laughs Gags The Fast and the Funniest (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Bye-Bye Bride, Cream Pie Wars and The Pond Prankster."
Pawn Stars Moon Walking (HD, TV-PG) She staff verifies the authenticity of a U.S. flag signed by the Apollo 16 crew, an 1861 Civil War Colt musket and NFL pins from the first 20 Super Bowls.
Pawn Stars Never Surrender (HD, TV-PG) Items include a letter signed by British WWII leader Churchill, a holy relic belonging to first U.S. Saint Seton & a gas-powered, remote-controlled Hummer.
Just for Laughs Gags Trunk Load of Laughs (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Banana Split, Donald McDonald and Whose Line Dance is it Anyway?"
Judge Judy Adult Assaults Disrespectful Tweener?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A 12-year-old with a history of discipline issues, claims she was pinched and insulted by an adult visiting her classroom.
Channel 11 Sunday Morning News (HD, New) The Channel 11 News Team presents a newscast featuring local and national events, along with weather and travel updates from around the Pittsburgh area.

« Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Doomsday (TV-G) A party celebrating the crossing of the equator comes to an abrupt halt with a nuclear alert, but once the alert is over one of the missiles won't deactivate.
Land of the Giants Deadly Pawn (TV-PG) The crew is captured and forced to play chess for their freedom against an obsessed giant; Barry plays for the crew, while the rest act as game pieces.
Time Tunnel Invasion (TV-PG) Tony and Doug are captured by the Gestapo two days before the D-Day invasion, and Doug tries to kill Tony after a German doctor brainwashes him.
Planet of the Apes Tomorrow's Tide (TV-G) Virdon and Burke suddenly get captured by an ape-on-patrol and soon are brought to the head of a fishing colony, who decides to enslave the astronauts.

CH 11 11PM News Pittsburgh news, sports and weather
CH 11 11PM News Pittsburgh news, sports and weather
CH 11 11PM News Pittsburgh news, sports and weather
CH 11 11PM News Pittsburgh news, sports and weather
CH 11 11PM News Pittsburgh news, sports and weather
Channel 11 Sunday News LIVE at 5AM Comprehensive coverage on all the latest news stories is provided by an experienced news team, as they deliver updates on sports, weather and news topics.
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